Traumatize your children with a weekend of bad behavior!

Everyone wanted to go camping this summer...

Location! Location! Location!

Scott said near water.  

Nico said no beach.  

What is with these picky Cliffords?

A location that meets those two criteria and is not far has been found!

REYES Campground in the Los Padres Forest.  They had a group site available and it is reserved and paid for.  

Live with it bitches!  Its a done deal.

You don't like my choice?  Feel free to make new arrangements and organize the event.  

Why do you have your head tilted like that?


It ain't got shit.

No water.  Outhouse style toilets.  Its camping not glamping!

Bring your own water!  That means drinking, washing etc.

Fires will be allowed but we are not supposed to bring wood in.  Everybody needs to bring a case of those fireplace logs as those are allowed (Duraflame) or as many as they can afford since I have no idea how much a case of those babies cost.

  • Camping fee includes 10 vehicles and up to 40 people but we will not be near that big
  • No drinking water is available.
  • No public showers in the region
  • Fireworks are not permitted.
  • You should plan to be completely self-sustainable for the duration of your trip. There is no potable water onsite.
  • There is no dump station.
  • The nearest stores and gas are east on Lockwood Valley Rd to Frazier Park.
  • Spotty cell service, if any, can be found up the hill from the campground.
  • Don't hike alone. Tell someone where you plan to go and then stick to your plans.
  • Bring your gnat/mosquito repellent 
  • Bring your freaking sunscreen 
  • Click here for more information on Los Padres National Forest
  • Campfires are normally permitted year around without a California Campfire Use Permit. Under some conditions, wood fires and barbecues may be prohibited in all areas of the national forest. Fires at Campground are only permitted in fire rings provided by the Forest Service. 

Friday June 21st-Sunday June 23rd

Get there on the Friday even if its late or why bother.  Just say'in.  

Most sites were already booked up everywhere so we gotta take what we can get.

Schedule of Events

please minimize changes


 I divided up the meals and campfire snacks so Tim and Jodie/Scott and Loretta/Miche and Nico/Jeff and Shannon/Matt and Ruby each only do one meal.  That way you have less to carry and its less work for everyone.  Anyone else who comes can help with set ups and clean ups to earn their bread and water!

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